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Shakespeare in France
introduced and translated by Frank Morlock

Shakespeare in France Hamlet by Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers? As You Like It by early feminist George Sand?

Here, for the first time in English, are two rousing interpretations of William Shakespeare's classics by renowned French writers, geniuses in their own right. Dumas was the most successful French playwright of his time, and when he offered his own translation of Hamlet to his countrymen, he brought them not a literal rendering of the Prince of Denmark, but his own sophisticated interpretation. The same may be said for George Sand's adaptation of As You Like It.

Now these works have been rendered back into English by Frank Morlock, so that we can appreciate the interpretations of these great French writers. Also included to round-out the volume is the eerie and beautiful poem "Ophelia" by the Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud. (Read more . . . or preview at Google Books.

Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder
by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder by Edgar Rice Burroughs This never-before-published book collects in a single volume all of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ non-Tarzan short stories and mystery puzzles, most of which have not previously appeared in print.
    Edgar Rice Burroughs — the creator of Tarzan and author of dozens of wildly popular “scientific romances” set on Mars, Venus, at the earth's core, and in remote regions of this planet — was one of the most widely read and influential writers of the Twentieth Century, inspiring people as diverse as Carl Sagan and Jane Goodall, Arthur C. Clarke, George Lucas, and Ronald Reagan. Guidry & Adkins, Publishers, is proud to announce the Tarzana Project, a serious effort to bring into print in book form all of the remaining unpublished and/or uncollected works of this celebrated author. (
Read more . . . ),

Lord of the Crooked PathsLord of the Crooked Paths
(including Master of the  Fearful Depths)
by Patrick H. Adkins
A tale of adventure, love, and intrigue among the elder gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. The complete contents of two paperbacks originally published by Ace Books.(Read more, including lengthy free online sample . . . )

Third Beast ebook coverThe Third Beast by Patrick H. Adkins
When civilization collapses around you into depravity and madness, the only reasonable response may be to arm yourself to the teeth and try to fight your way out! A gripping tale of imagination, suspense, terror, and headlong action in suburban America.(Read more, including lengthy free online sample . . . )

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The Dream Vaults of Opar
Personal explorations of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Come explore The Dream Vaults of Opar . . .

The Human Termites by David H. Keller
Lavishly praised and vehemently damned, The Human Termites was the most brilliant work of a literary genius—or the lunatic ravings of a drunk or madman. (Read more . . . )


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