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The Dream Vaults of Opar


    Introduction: Origin of the Dream Vaults
  1. Magic and Dreams 
  2. Greystoke /Warm Memories 
  3. Tarzan on (and off) Radio 
  4. This and That 
  5. The Bandit of Hell's Bend 
  6. The New Adventures of Tarzan 
  7. Sherlock and Tarzan 
  8. The Treasure Vaults of Fandom 
  9. The Ultimate Burroughs Fan Magazine 
  10. Disney's Barsoom 
  11. The Mad King 
  12. Tarzan the Tiger 
  13. Elmo the Magnificent 
  14. Son of Tarzan (Film) 
  15. Tarzan in Manhattan 
  16. Jimber-Jaw and More 
  17. Llana of Gathol 
  18. Tarzan the Ape-Man 
  19. The Return of Tarzan 
  20. The Power of Imagination 
  21. “Under the Red Flag” 
  22. Caspakian Creationism 
  23. The Grammar Gremlin 
  24. Reading & Writing 
  25. Even the Worthy Edgar . . . 
  26. The Victory Cry of the Bull Ape 
  27. Hal Foster's Tarzan in Color 
  28. The Two Edgars 
  29. Hal Foster's Tarzan in Ancient Egypt 
  30. Foster Concluded/In Defense of Jane 
  31. Burne Hogarth's Tarzan in Color 
  32. How to Make a Tarzan Movie 
  33. Barsoom Reconsidered 
  34. Tarzan's Epic Misadventures 
  35. Tarzan of the Air 

Still more installments coming. 
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Edgar Rice Burroughs: Creator of Tarzan
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Disney's Tarzan
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Tarzan on Venus
by Darko Macan, Igor Kordey (Illustrator) Dark Horse Comics, paperback, 120 pages. 

The Tarzan Chroniclesby Howard E. Green,  hardcover, Hyperion Press. The major Disney-produced adult work on the character and new film, which has been described as a sort of "The Making of Disney's Tarzan." 

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